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Band Tompox was founded in october 2008 led by Tamas Pocs (Tompox) who had been bassguitarist in Solaris for 29 years (1982-2011) and was cofounder of band Napoleon Boulevard. Napoleon Boulevard had concerts from january 30, 2010 till august 18, 2016. Since then it has been inactive again. Tompox came from the english name Tamas Pocs (Thomas Pocs) because the hungarian CS letter composition was consistently pronounced X at english speaking locations thereby the name Thomas Pocs turned to be Tom Pox that is Tompox. The band originally performed like Solaris Tribute Band showing respect to and for the relationship connected earlier to Solaris and for we play a few of the Solaris tracks but for the rest of the members incomprehensibly making objection we changed the name. In the beginning lineup Zoltan Rozsa played the guitar, Zoltan (Okker) Kiss was the singer and Adam Tasi was the flutist together with current members. That's why the band played some songs by King Crimson too and moreover track Epitaph was placed on the first album. Later Zoltan Rozsa was replaced by Attila Kovacs then Gabor Berdar on the guitarist position until 2013 when Szabolcs Matyas took the place of them. 2013 was the year manager Ildiko Horvath left, since then Attila Kerbolt has been administrating affairs. Adam Tasi moved abroad in 2015. He was for a short time substituted by Aliz Szeitl then Sara Kovacs (Dizna) became the permanent flutistess of the band. And like that, today's lineup of the band was finally formed:
Endre Balla - keyboard
Istvan Elek - sax
Sara Kovacs Dizna - flute
Szabolcs Matyas - guitar
Tamas Pocs Tompox - bassguitar
Peter Szula - drums, percussion
Andor Torok (Bundy) - conga, percussion
On the newer records, vocal compositions of the band is sung by Beata Vincze

In concerts, we have guitarist Istvan Alapi of EDDA many times as guest who plays Tompox tracks with no sheet music by heart for the pleasure of us all.

Our technicians: Laszlo Metlagel and Gyorgy Razga.

Fotographers (amongst others): Tunde Racz (Clavicula), Zoltan Horvath, Melinda Juhasz, Zoltan Katona...

On our pages, you can get detailed info of the released albums, can take a listen to the songs, watch fotos, videos, read news, articles, buy gifts from the webshop or you can send any message to us.

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